The embarrassing tale of the King James Bible present to PNG: Fraud, Corruption, Hypocrisy, Cargo Cultism, and amusement

Saturday, 09-May-15

Originally posted on PNGexposed Blog:

By Anonymous and via Nineteen Years and Counting

The gift of the supposed 1st edition 1st imprint of the 1611 King James Bible to Papua New Guinea is an amazing piece of drama.  It wraps and presents in a single, digestible story all the craziness, hypocrisy and corruption that characterises PNG today.


Deceiving the people about what this Bible present represented was perpetrated largely by PNG Parliamentary speaker Theo Zurenuoc, who is so immersed in his magical cargo cult dream world that even having the whole world laugh at him wouldn’t cause him to pause and reflect. Zurenuoc’s fraud was four-fold:

The Fraud:  The Bible was not delivered by any American government party in Indiana.  Instead the event was an exchange between churches at the small The Fraud: The Bible was not delivered by any American government party in Indiana. Instead the event was an exchange between churches at the small “Interchurch Holiness Convention” of fundamentalists in Dayton, Ohio

1. An American government gift?   Zurenouc originally said that the gift was coming from…

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An Open Letter to Elise Chapman – Bendigo Councillor

Sunday, 29-Jun-14


Ignorance does not equal blamelessness. There’s still a law in Australia against inciting hatred.

Originally posted on Muslims In Australia Since the 1600s:

open letter

Dear Ms. Chapman,

I was greatly disturbed by your comments as quoted in The Age on June 20, 2014:

  1.  “Every day in the media there are cases of people being raped by Muslims … and there is no doubt a mosque would see more Muslims move to Bendigo.”
  2.  “Islam is not a race though and I am not racist.”

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What It’s Like To Be A Third Culture Kid

Thursday, 12-Jun-14


TCKs, baby – how an Australian who grew up in 4 different countries can have more in common with a half-Vietnamese, half-Canadian who spent HIS childhood in 4 completely different countries, than with peers from “their” country.

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

You were raised in a different country than your parents. You have several nationalities by blood and another by birth. You have more than one passport and you identify with multiple cultures. You speak in numerous languages and you know phrases in many more. You’re a third culture kid, a global nomad, and a citizen of the world.

You were born into the culture of travel and you flew before you could walk. You know your way around airports like the back of your hand and you’ve seen more places than most adults have in their lifetime. You’ve been exposed to both poverty and extreme wealth and you’ve learned to appreciate what you have.

Your friends also have ownership in multiple cultures and are from countries unheard of by many. Your mind is open to different religious and political views and you’re culturally adept. You know how to adapt because…

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